Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I should know!

Funny, this was the QOTD at 2 peas:

When you first started to scrapbook did you ever think it would be such a huge deal in today's world?

Do you know that I actually have, in my possession, EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, no lie, of Creating Keepsakes. I used to think, I should totally submit my work. Just think, I could have been "one of the big girls." My work was WAY better than the stuff they published way back when dinos roamed the earth. Now, people never cease to amaze me with their design skills. NEVER! It's just amazing! So yeah, I probably did know it would be a big deal. I took about a 10 year sabattical from scrapping because I was just lazy, and bored with it. I mean really, Creative Memories is just barely starting to branch out into the fun stuff. I gave up on them YEARS ago! Personally, I can't stand the products they make anymore. I think they are overpriced and boring. But, you've got to hand it to that company. It was truly what bred the addication so many of us have. I'd classify it as the founder of all scrappage. I just wish they'd quit being so stubborn and branch out a bit. So, since you all now know I'm the pack rat of the universe, in honor of an office organizer coming to my house on Thursday and Friday, (seriously, someone actually does this for a living and makes my life wonderful!), I'm going to purge some of my old CK mags. Leave a message on the blog, check back tommorrow to see if I drew your name and I'll send you some antique issues along with some goodies that I clean out of my scrap room.

Monday, June 11, 2007

LIttle Surfer Girl

Went to Pismo Beach this weekend. The guys at Moondoggies (Nick and Davis) did a great job! Yep, I've created a monster. She thinks this is so cool!

Also, the challenge question on the GS board today was a GREAT one! Here's the question:
If you could write a letter to your younger self, knowing what you've learned in life already, what would that letter say?

Dear Self (and anyone else currently in high school that happens to read this bit of advice),

I know how much you hate high school. It's ssssooooo sad that you get so wrapped up in being popular, boys, etc. PLEASE! Quit it. Focus on school. Focus on your grades. Focus on creating a life for you that will allow yourself FUN for the rest of your life. Make plans. Make plans to travel. Make plans to keep in touch with friends, but don't be surprised or hurt when you never see them again. And move on from high school. Do not stay in the moment. There is a reason you have a graduation because high school is so short. AND THANK GOD IT IS! Your life, which you will begin prepping after high school is so long! So make the most of it. Make it positive. Make it eventful. Life the type of life you dream about. But it will only happen if you focus and get out of the crap that weighs your mind down. Don't ever let anyone tell you something can't be done because you CAN do anything. But you have to focus. You cannot think that things will just be handed to you. You must work for them. So my advice to you is to move on past high school. If you are currently in it, just know, KNOW that it is going to be great when you get out . . . if you focus on a life you wish to create. Leave high school behind. Move on. And never look back. It's so not a big deal.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2 peas - questions for 6/6/07

I was checking out the General Scrapping board at 2 peas and someone posted some questions to blog about today. Considering I'm a good blogger now . . . here are my thoughts.
Write about your whys/why nots for commenting on other ppl's blogs.
I'm just lazy.  I comment on it in my head, but really, I'm just lazy.  And I never say anything negative.  I use momma's advice - "If you don't got nothin' good to say, keep your trap shut."

Why do you leave comments?
IF I leave a comment, and that's a big time IF, I leave them because I feel really really really moved to say something.  See above answer.

Why do you read something and choose not to leave a comment?
I visit so many blogs each day, if I commented everywhere, I wouldn't be in the know on other peep's lives!

Why do you comment on some blogs, and not on others?
I like them better?  I DON"T KNOW!!!!!!!!

testing out email

Blogger has gotten super sophisticated since I've been away!  GEEZ!  I can even update via an email!  So this post is to test this new technology out.  Seriously, they are giving me no choice but to be a good little blogger.

She's Alive!

Seriosuly, did you think I fell off the earth? I feel like I did! I've had a tremendous amount of very unimportant things going on in life! I have no real good excuse as to why I couldn't update this blog other than I was too busy reading everyone else's blog. With that being said, I feel like I've missed out on documenting a good portion of what has happened in my life. So, turning over a new leaf

Here we go again. Starting today.

The boys have been gone for 3 days now. They are in D.C. smoozing with the Prez, I'm sure. Oh wait, maybe not because I think I read that he went to Europe this week, so they are probably being treated like normal humans. Or cattle. The itinerary for the D.C. field trip from school is very jam packed and the only way they could possibly do it all is if a human cattle drive took place! LOL!!!! I feel so sorry for my hubby. What a good sport he is!

Madalyn and I are going to go to Dream Dinners tonight and get myself caught up! If I can get her on board to eat, then I might possibly have some good food to feed her!

And the diet is going terrible right now. But i just read the most inspiring blog post from the LA Weight Loss blog. That is totally me. I'm going to get back on the wagon today. TODAY!!!!!! I'm sick of this! SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I leave you with this photo of my new dog, Bella. Bella is the puppy I just couldn't not allow my son to sell. Lucy, our beloved lab, had pupies on February 7. She had 9 of them! She had Labradoodles. Adorable little pups! Bella stayed. She melted my heart. She was so fat and clumsy. Well, clumsy she has become. She LOVES peanut butter . . .so much so that she chooses to wear the jar. I swear, if she wasn't black, she'd be blonde! Love this little dog!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Design My Scraproom . . .

Got any ideas for me??? Help me out! I want a new scrapbook area!!!!!

more pics of the scraproom

For some reason, the above post would only hold 5 pics. So here are a few more.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


I'm hosting a FUNKY FLOWER SWAP. I'd love it if you joined me. I promise it will stretch your mojo just a tiny bit! Here are the details:

A Funky Flower Embellishment swap.

Here's the dealio:
1. Create a funky flower that you could use on a LO or altered project as an embellishment.

2. You can use a silk flower/prima flower, but you must somehow alter it to make it fun and funky.

3. Other types of material/paper/whatever is totally welcome to be used. USE YOUR MOJO!!!!

4. The swap will be limited to 8 per swap and I am totally willing to host more than one group if needed. Each particpant will make 8 flowers and receive 8 in return. You can make more than one flower to receive more back.

5. Flowers must be mailed in a small box so to not be crushed. You will receive your swap flowers back in the small box.

6. Each particpant must make a mailing label for the box to be returned and send $5 in US cash for return mailing postage(if it is not enough, I will request additional funds to cover the difference).

7. Mailing to me deadline is September 30, 2006.

1. Deene
2. Andrea
3. Athena

Thursday, August 10, 2006

update on TI race

Some of you asked how I did. Well I should update. Remember that trip to Wyoming? Right in the middle of the race. So I missed that week, but I could have made it up. But I didn't, because then I had to jet off to LA, and that was the last week of the race. So, no, I didn't finish the contest. I was bummed because it's a fun group of girlies over there, but it's ok. I've got other irons in the DT fire . . . .

Monday, July 31, 2006


We are home from our Adventures by Disney vacation to Wyoming! Can I just say.......AMAZING! Words cannot describe our trip. Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Brooks Lake Lodge ...It was SO SO SO fabulous! Here's a few of my favorite pictures from the trip!